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Making Your Dream Smile Come True

Having a flawless, natural-looking smile changes the way people think about themselves. It gives them a boost of confidence, they smile more, feel more outgoing, and suddenly new opportunities start to come their way.

We take the time to ensure that each of our patients is given a thorough examination and detailed explanation of your dental needs. We offer dental care that is customized to meet  your personal priorities and choices. We look forward to having you as member of our practice.

It is our mission to offer you and your family the finest dentistry available-delivered with compassion in the most comfortable setting, with a commitment to excellence in service and patient care.

    Cosmetic dentistry

What type of smile do you have?

Walk up to a mirror mounted on a wall. Do not use a hand held mirror. Smile at yourself. Now look again and think of a funny moment in your life. Is you smile different this time? Usually it is. This is called your 'funny smile' because it is the one which you show when you hear or see something funny. It is a much larger smile than when you pose, especially when you are not happy with your teeth. However, when your teeth are improved, your big 'funny smile' returns, and you look great! O.K., now let's figure out what's holding your smile back...what it is that bothers you about your teeth.


Are there spaces between your teeth?



Are your teeth dull, dark, or stained?



Are they crooked, misshapen, or out of line?


Do you show too much gum tissue?



Are your gums irregularly shaped, higher on some teeth, lower on others?



Are your teeth too small or too large?



Are the edges of your teeth (as a group) too long or too short?



Do your teeth slant one way or another?



Is the midline of your two front teeth centered with your face and nose?



Are the edges of your canines too pointy or too flat?



Are the biting edges worn down?



Are any of your teeth missing?


Have your gums receded?



Are any ugly dental fillings showing?



Do any old or recently crowned teeth not match your natural teeth?



Are any of your teeth that have silver fillings stained blue or gray?


If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, you can be helped by cosmetic dentistry.

  Implants- Dentures To Make You Smile 

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