Dental Implants & Smile Designing Centre is a new venture in Kerala, where we combine latest technologies in dentistry Dental Implantology & Aesthetic Dentistry.

     Dental implants provide the best and aesthetically pleasing rehabilitation methods for missing dentition. An experienced Dental Implantologist can create even better appearance and function than that of the natural dentition.

     The latest technologies in Aesthetic dentistry redefine your facial appearance and personality. An experienced Aesthetic dentist can evaluate and analyze the dentition and modify it even at the minute level with utmost perfection, utilizing light reflections, translucencies and illusions. 

      Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Speciality Centre, Pathanamthitta has been providing safe dentistry in Kerala since 1994. By the year 2008, we are entering 15th year of dedicated service. We are keen in maintaining all the relevant computerized treatment details of our customers since 1994 which enable us to select fast an ideal treatment option for each patient, avoiding unnecessary investigations and procedures. This also helps us to evaluate ourselves and further improve our services to maintain us at a very high success rate.
We are glad that most of our new customers are referred by existing satisfied customers and that we have a large number of clients circle which extends all over the globe. Maximum care is taken to keep our failure rates at the minimum possible level.

      Dental Implant & Smile Design Centre is a new venture of Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Centre, Pathanamthitta, Kerala where two highly experienced and qualified personalities Dr. Samuel K. Ninan and Dr. Maya Mathai combine their knowledge to deliver the best for their customers across the globe.

I Dr. Samuel K. Ninan I Dr. Maya Mathai I Dr. Shukoor I


Contact: +91 9447440004

Paper published in JIDA (The official publication of the Indian Dental Association).

Published in September 2003, Mansoon series.
Loading in Dental Implantology - Factors to be considered
Dr. Samuel K. Ninan

  Implants- Dentures To Make You Smile 

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