Our Quality Policy 

We are committed to educating our patients to empower them preserve their healthy smiles for a lifetime.
We are proud to be on the leading edge of technology and are committed to the highest levels of education to keep us there.
We value your time and are dedicated to being on time for each and every visit.
We will earn our patient's trust by continually striving to exceed their expectations and fulfilling their lifetime dental goals.
Our mutual respect and friendship with each other will be obvious to everyone who visits our office, which creates an enjoyable environment.
We hope our patients will show their appreciation for us by keeping their appointments, being financially responsible, and referring their friends and family.


It is our mission to offer you and your family the finest dentistry available-delivered with compassion in the most comfortable setting, with a commitment to excellence in service and patient care.

     We use latest and time tested technologies in dentistry with the support of experience. Our doctors are qualified from the best institutions in India and are trained internationally. Our laboratory works are done by the best and certified laboratories in India and abroad. We preserve nature and practice safe dentistry


  Implants- Dentures To Make You Smile 

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Paper published in JIDA (The official publication of the Indian Dental Association).

Published in September 2003, Mansoon series.
Loading in Dental Implantology - Factors to be considered
Dr. Samuel K. Ninan